The Car

This car is the best of both worlds. It is a custom-built high-quality reproduction of the 1959 356 A Convertible D. Best of both worlds, because it pays tribute to the original 356 design, but allows for use without the limitations of an authentic historical piece of art.

Built in 1985 by Henry Reisner of Intermeccanica in Canada. The Intermeccanica “D” is their flagship model and a story encompassing roots and history that spans generations.

– Hard or Soft Top Options
– Power Windows
– Retro Sound Radio with USB/Bluetooth
– Cup holder, footwell storage and door pocket storage,
– Onboard fire extinguisher
– Nardi steering wheel, leather trim, headrests
– Adjustable seating pad for short/tall drivers.
– Square Weave wool carpet.
– 4-gear manual, Air Cooled, Performance VW Type 1, Intermeccanica 2100cc / 142 hp. Yokohama Touring Tires.

The Driver

“I saw that if you have enough power in a small car, it is nicer to drive than if you have a big car which is overpowered. And it’s more fun.”

– Ferdinand Porschee

I bought this car post-college and drove it every day. It is just my size; it’s all I needed.

I came into the driver’s seat driving bugs and other Volkswagens. I love how a basic 1600cc runs!

But my desire was always for the 356 Porsche. The first time I ever saw a 356, I was 7 years old, playing outside with my friends in Amsterdam. The car was displayed up high in a window that cantilevered out of an old Dutch canal house. It looked like a floating spaceship! The curves of this car captivated me, the lines – smooth and flowing, each curve drawing your eye further in.

I see art when I look at this car.

And when behind the wheel, I am transported back in time to simpler ways. I turn on my favorite tunes, drop the top down, and just cruise. It is my ultimate “me time.
Sharing this driving experience with others brings me great joy. It is as if I have a spaceship, that can transport people back in time. Back to an experience of feeling connected to the road and machine.

Back to a time where you are present in a moment.

I share this car on the Hagerty Drive Share platform (https://www.driveshare.com/car/6761/cars/ ) April – September, weather permitting.

The car has made its way into Martha Stewart Weddings and provided simple day-drives. The people I have met through this experience have become part of my circle. They have enhanced my life as I have gotten to share with them.

How amazing is my little Spaceship!

– Leann